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Audio Conferencing Products
InstantAccess™ OperatorAssited™ Product Comparison
Combine audio, visual and collaborative features to increase the productivity of your product launch, speech, training session or sales demonstration. Regardless of your needs, our full range of webconferencing products gives you the flexibility to choose exactly what your meeting requires.

InstantAccess™ [Top]
InstantAccess™ audio conferencing provides a quick and easy way for people to meet regardless of their location. And with its easy access from the Conference Center and automatic audio dial-out feature, InstantAccess gives you the freedom to initiate conference calls immediately — without a reservation.

For organizations with large call volume, the Let's Conference™ product suite offers two additional InstantAccess options:

  • Flexible InstantAccess enables you to take advantage of your existing long distance carrier rates and simply pay the bridging costs.

  • Dedicated InstantAccess offers the same benefits of bridge ownership, including flexibility and reliability, and we manage it all for you.

Additional Product Features

You can customize your InstantAccess audio conference with a full suite of complimentary features:

  • Reservationless access through phone or web
  • Dial-out or dial-in via phone or web
  • Call security
  • Quick-start calling
  • Conference Manager

Conference Manager

Conference Manager allows you to easily and effectively manage your calls from a simple web-based interface — a great way to control call security, dial-out to participants, disconnect callers and view your participant list

OperatorAssisted™ [Top]
With OperatorAssisted calls, you can bring together a few people or thousands. And your operator is always available to help you choose the right features to help make any call successful.

There are three types of OperatorAssisted calls to choose from:

  • Passcode Meet Me: Participants enter a prearranged passcode and are automatically placed into conference.
  • Operator Meet Me: Participants dial a designated number; operator greets them, gathers any requested information and places them into the conference.
  • Dial-Out: The operator dials out to participants and connects them directly to the conference.

Additional Product Features

OperatorAssisted Conferencing includes a host of complimentary features available upon request to customize your call.

  • ASAP/Last-minute reservation
  • Broadcast lecture mode
  • Broadcast/Listen-only session
  • Entry/Exit announcements
  • Passcode security
  • Roll call
  • Secured conference
  • Standing calls
  • Subconferencing

Enhanced Features

For a nominal fee, you can add the following enhanced features to your call:

  • Backdoor communication line
  • Question and answer session
  • Recording
  • Coordinator monitor
  • Digital rebroadcast
  • Participant notification
  • Transcription
  • Translation/Interpretation

Product Comparison [Top]
To give you an overview of what the products in the Let's Conference™ audio conferencing suite provide, here's a quick feature comparison:

  InstantAccess™ OperatorAssisted
Quick, one-time account setup X X
Reservationless access through phone or web X  
Dial-out or dial-in via phone or web X  
Call security X X
Quick-start calling X  
Conference Manager X  
ASAP/Last-minute reservation   X
Broadcast lecture mode   X
Broadcast/Listen-only session   X
Entry/Exit announcements   X
Passcode security   X
Roll call   X
Secured conference   X
Standing calls   X
Subconferencing   X
Backdoor communication line*   X
Question and answer session*   X
Recording*   X
Coordinator monitor*   X
Digital rebroadcast* X X
Participant notification*   X
Transcription*   X
Translation/Interpretation*   X

Feature Explanation

Each of these audio conferencing features enables you to conduct your conference however you need to make them more efficient and productive:

Quick, one-time account set-up: Either online, over the phone or via e-mail, you can start set-up your account in a matter of minutes.

Reservationless access: Begin your audio conference immediately from the Conference Center without having to set it up in advance.

Dial-out or dial-in via phone or web: Connect to your Let's Conference™ meeting however you need.

Call security: A full suite of security measures are in place to assure that your call is private.

Quick-start calling: A fast, three-step process for initiating your audio call: 1) Notify call participants 2) Dial your 1-800 number 3) Key in your access code.

Conference Manager: An optional online tool offered through the Conference Center at that allows you to manage your InstantAccess audio calls from a user-friendly web interface.

ASAP/Last-minute reservation: Set up a conference minutes before you need it to begin.

Broadcast lecture mode: Participants remain in listen-only mode until an active discussion or question and answer session is opened.

Broadcast/Listen-only session: Participants remain in listen-only mode throughout the conference.

Entry/Exit announcements: For secured calls, tones announce participants as they enter and exit; or Let's Conference™ call specialists can announce entries on Meet Me calls.

Passcode security: For added security during your call, request a passcode when you reserve your call.

Roll call: For Meet Me calls, a conference call operator will conduct a roll call of all participants.

Secured conference: Password, passcode or tone entry is available.

Standing calls: You may pre-schedule a standing conference call on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Subconferencing: Participants can split into groups and then rejoin the main conference at any time.

Backdoor communication line: Links a client designee to an operator to coordinate any preconference issues, and conduct in-conference functions such as providing number of participants, checking sound levels, conducting Q&A and responding to any other issues that may arise.

Question and answer session: Online call managers act as a host in conducting real-time question and answer sessions.

Recording: For detail-rich calls and those calls of greater importance, record the entire conference for later playback.

Coordinator monitor: To facilitate prompt resolution of any issues or to answer questions, a coordinator monitors your call.

Digital rebroadcast: Replay your event so that critical participants have access to it.

Participant notification: Ensure that key participants are on hand when you need them.

Transcription: Utilize a word-for-word copy of your conference as ongoing reference material.

Translation/Interpretation: We provide in-call interpretation and after-call translation